Synopsis of America’s Top Photographer

The show consisted of 5 different contestants, in which they each displayed their photography skills. The first part of the show was about sport photography while the other one was more fashioned based. I really enjoyed watching the shows as they offered many tips in a way.  This show proved that in photography it really is about creativity and using different perspective when taking photos. Many people as seen on the show have their unique way of shooting which is exactly what is needed because if everyone took pictures the same then photos wouldn’t be as interesting to look at. Personally I wouldn’t be a photographer but being a photographer seems more complex than what we as the viewers see with the end result. To be a photographer you must be have an innovative mindset to capture the subject in the most interesting way possible.


  1. Yes, I believe I have strong composition.
  2. Fairly well.
  3. I would definitely try to shoot in other places than just my house.
  4. I believe my first photo is worthy enough to be on the home page, but maybe not the best photo from all photography classes.

File Formats

  1. JPEG or Joint Photographic Experts Group is the most known file format since it quickly transfers the file but because of this it can lose the detail and quality of an image.
  2. TIFF or Tagged Image File Format is a bigger file due to the photo being uncompressed but it offers the highest image quality .
  3. RAW file compresses an image in order to capture the original information of the photo it does however require a lot of memory card and knowledge with Photoshop.
  4. DNG or Digital Negative Format is a safer file long term as it allows access to the file in the future.
  5. PNG or Portable Network Graphics is good for logos or overlays as it has the power to support the photos transparency, but it is not good when wanting to print this file.
  6. GIF or Graphics Interchange Format is a smaller file size that can carry on animation but has a limitation to color which is not ideal for saving photos.
  7. BMP or Bitmap is a larger file size allowing the data color of the image to save as individual pixels creating a higher quality appearance.
  8. PSD or Photoshop Document allows you to still save the file as another file and it also allows you to work on the image on separate layers

Vladimir Kush

Meet Vladimir Kush, the Painter Suing Ariana Grande - Artsy

Vladimir Kush art was one that really caught my attention when scrolling through images of surrealism. I enjoy the fact that he takes a metaphoric aspect when painting these because it really allows one’s mind to get creative with the idea of the two distinct objects. This enables our mind to see different everyday objects in a different way just like in the picture the banana is on a hammock. He uses fruits in some of his art which I think is a unique twist in his art. This inspired my surrealism in the food aspect.

Camera Modes

  1. Automatic Mode is the mode where your camera choses everything for you in order to get the best outcome. This mode in some cameras allows you to override flash or change red eye reduction.
  2. Portrait Mode switches your aperture to a larger one. This mode works best when photographing a single person.
  3. Macro Mode is great when shooting smaller objects. When using this mode try your best to keep the subject parallel.
  4. Landscape Mode sets your aperture to a smaller one. This mode is best used for photographing wide scenes.
  5. Sports Mode also known as action mode is the best for photographing  moving objects. When shooting objects the shutter speed is increased in order to capture the movement of the subject.
  6. Night mode is used for low lighting circumstances. The shutter speed in this mode tends to be longer in order to capture all the details of the subject.
  7. Movie mode allows you to capture a subject that is in motion. Some cameras offer the feature of recording both video and sound.
  8. Aperture Priority mode is the mode where you only control the aperture of your photo while your camera controls the rest of the settings. This mode is useful when trying to control the depth of field in your photo.
  9. Shutter Priority mode is the mode where you only control your shutter speed and the rest is chosen  by your camera. This mode is best used when shooting objects in motion.
  10. Program Mode is full auto mode. This mode gives you more control over flash, white balance, ISO and more.
  11. Fully manual mode is the mode were you have complete control over your settings. This allows you to take a photo however you please.

5 Tips to get Great Portraits

  1. Always shoot in a raw mode, this allows many edits to be done to your photo.
  2. Shoot in a wide aperture, this causes  a shallow depth of field  creating a pleasant background.
  3. Shoot at a 70mm or higher , anything below this causes a disfigured subject
  4. Cloudy days are the best to shoot portraits as it enhances colors
  5. Checking surrounds as things such as powerlines, trashcans and etc. can be distracting in a photo.


AP: 1.7 ISO:25 S:1/397

Conceptual photography is photography that illustrates an idea, these photos allow you to speak through them. This means that a particular photo can be used to give out a message or it could be used to carry out a clear concept. This type of photography is original as it reflects on the originality of the message you are trying to convey. This allows one as a photographer to be creative in the way they choose to display their message or concept. In my photo it contains a picture of a bracelet and on this bracelet, it displays little images of people but not just any people as you can tell. The message that I am trying to conceptually tell people here is that I carry a very close relationship with god. I am not the most religious person ever but when it comes down to it god is someone I can always count on and hold in very high regards. This bracelet was given to me by my grandma, in which she went to our church for it to get blessed, so I feel like it represents me a lot in a sense of my religious aspect and the fact that it is something that is a part of me. I’m not going to get so into the topic as I know many people have different beliefs and opinions on this subject but to me god is my haven. All in all, this is something that is very vital to me as a person and it reflects that in its own unique way.